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Me neither! I will never put adverts on

Instead, to help support the site, some people choose to donate a little of their computer's processing power while they are here.

Think you might want to help?

If you give permission, this site can use your web browser to run some calculations that help to create Monero, a digital currency similar to BitCoin.

This process runs invisibly in your browser, and generates a small amount of income for the site, without the need for terrible distracting banner adverts.

Nothing gets installed on your computer, it only runs while you are here, and you can turn it off at any time.

So what do you think, shall we do it?

No problem! I might ask again another time, but not for a while.

That's great! If you change your mind later just go to the Settings panel to turn it down, or turn it off.

Thank you so much!